Why Join BNI?

Why Choose BNI for Your Business Networking in Surrey?

BNI members in Surrey pass millions of pounds worth of qualified business referrals between each other every year. Through developing relationships via business networking in Surrey events members of BNI are able to establish strength and depth in their business alliances. This generates the trust necessary to open doors for each other and pass serious business referrals. 

The environment at every BNI Surrey networking event in surrey is geared to supporting a positive exhange of mutual business introductions: "referrals", passed at every meeting. 

BNI is not the right fit for everyone though. The best way to establish if BNI is a good fit for your Surrey based business is to visit your nearest group. 

What do You Get as a BNI Surrey Member?

There are many benefits from BNI membership in any of the groups across Surrey and the London boroughs of Kingston, Sutton & Merton:

  • More prospects for your business: You will gain more business from the referrals you receive
  • Greater chance of converting business leads: Referred business is easier to close - there's greater trust involved than with purchased leads or advertising. 
  • Continued personal development: As a BNI member you have access to 1000's of hours of recorded and live professional training programmes. Everything from how to present your business to how to get more from a 1:1 meeting with a business colleague. BNI's support and coaching workshops are built on years of experience of what works in business and in networking. BNI's systems get results. 
  • More networking: Your chosen group will run 50 networking meetings every year that you have access to. Additionally, you can expand your networking further with BNI training events and meet members from across the whole region of Surrey, Kingston, Sutton & Merton. Take it one step further by volunteering to become part of the BNI Surrey Director and Ambassador team - if accepted you gain access to the best networking event in the UK: the annual BNI conference. 


What To Expect at a BNI Surrey Networking Event

To help you get the most out of your first meeting at a BNI Surrey networking event, here are some key tips:

  • Prepare your elevator pitch: You will get the opportunity to talk about your business to the whole group for up to 30s (some groups allow 45s). You will also get more time during open networking when you will be asked about your business. 
  • Remember a supply of business cards: Absolutely essential for any business networking event is your pack of business cards. Top tip: when someone gives you their cards, write down the context on the back of the card. The date, where you met them etc. Many groups give out membership lists at each meeting. 
  • Visit BNI - no strings: As a visitor, you are more than welcome to visit on up to two occasions. To make the most of each visit, we recommend arriving early and staying late - the networking time is the most valuable part of the meeting. It's really key to get an idea of how BNI can benefit your business and whether you can make the commitment necessary to get the most from BNI. If you like what you see and would like a share of the business passed in the room then you are welcome to apply to the committee for membership.
  • Guaranteed exclusivity: If you apply and are accepted, you have total exclusivity on that slot at your BNI Surrey group. No other business can promote in that professional speciality. 

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