Live BNI Training & Support Workshops

Live BNI Support Workshops

BNI support workshops are included as part of your BNI membership. Dates and times of upcoming live workshops are detailed above. Here is a breakdown of the five core training events:

Member Success Programme

This is the "getting started" workshop which covers all the basics of getting success from BNI. Always facilitated by skilled BNI professionals, this is the most important training you can take. The faster you get on a training, the quicker you start to earn money from your BNI membership.

Referral Skills Workshop

This event is aimed at giving you lots of ideas and tools to give & receive more referrals. All members join for more business - this focussed workshop is the best way to speed up the process of giving quality referrals. 

121 Workshop

Effective members in BNI have quality 121s to develop deep, quality relationships with their fellow members. If you want to leave almost every 121 with referrals for your business, then this is the workshop for you. Strategies and techniques that you can implement to get lots of value from your 121s.

Networking Skills

Do you have a networking strategy? Do you know who you want to speak to before you attend a networking event? If the answer is no, this is the workshop for you. Packed full of ideas and strategies for you to implement in your BNI membership, this will help you to "work a room" without being perceived as a 'hunter'. 

Visitor Inviting Skills (Chapter Development)

A key skill as a BNI member is the ability to invite your business contacts to your BNI group. There are some simple skills that you can use to make this easy and enjoyable. Most visitors don't join BNI - and that's fine, but they do pass business very frequently, especially to the person who brought them..

Other Workshops

There are a variety of other workshops to select from, please browse the calendar above and see what resonates with you!