Find a Member

Simple Search

You can use the Simple Search below in two ways:

  1. Find a member by name. Type in all or part of a member's name and you will be given a list of matches and possible close matches (in case of different spelling etc)
  2. Find a member by profession. Type in part of a profession name e.g. "Accountant" or "Window Cleaner" and you will be presented with a list of members who may match the profession you have searched for. Generally the shorter your search phrase the greater chance of you finding a match. E.g. you may wish to search for "window" or "cleaner" rather than "window cleaner". 

If you are looking for a profession or BNI member not in Surrey or the London Boroughs of Kingston, Sutton and Merton, you can click here to search for BNI members elsewhere in the UK.

Advanced Search

If you want to be more specific in how you search, e.g. only search first names or company names etc, please click on "Advanced Search" which gives much greater granularity. This should work with as little as 3 characters in a search field.