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BNI Member Traffic Lights

Member Traffic Lights

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BNI Business Builder

Click here to enter BNI's online learning portal to develop your networking and business skills. For more information and to gain access to the system, contact your regional office.




Download the latest version of the BNI app and pass and receive referrals directly through your phone. Download from Google or the App store below.


Some of the Benefits of Networking in Surrey with BNI

Once you join BNI you are given access to a wealth of resources, all included as part of your membership. Below you can see three of the benefits that you receive access to:

Traffic Lights

As a member, you will receive more business if you give more to your chosen BNI group. This can be in terms of referrals given, 121 meetings had with other BNI members, training events attended or visitors brought to the group. New members aren't expected to contribute any referrals to the group until they have got to establish business relationships with the other members - in time the referrals naturally follow. Because it has been proven that "Givers Gain", it makes sense to track what you give to the group to recognise the positive contributions that you do make and also to give you a tool to identify areas that you could do even better in which would ultimately lead to more business for you.

BNI Business Builder

This is an online resource of thousands of recorded business workshops from trained BNI professionals from around the world. It is structured in a way that makes it easy to navigate and find recordings that are valuable to yuo as a member. Your username is always the same as your login to BNI Connect. Your password needs to be set at first login by clicking on the "forgotten password" link.

BNI Connect App

As a member you are given access to an app which allows you to pass and receive referrals with your fellow BNI members, invite visitors, record 121 meetings and check if referrals you've passed have turned into business. Intuitively designed, it's the perfect way to carry the details of all your fellow members in your pocket! You can access all of the features and more of the BNI Connect app online as well at