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Grow Your Business & Cherry-Pick Your Customers by Networking in Surrey & The London Boroughs of Kingston, Sutton & Merton with BNI

BNI networking groups in Surrey provide regular, structured meetings which regularly bring together key, well connected local business owners. This creates a positive, supportive, and structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals. A referral is an opportunity to do business that has been "warmed up"; It's easier to win business that has been referred and those customers tend to be more loyal. 

How does BNI Work?

Each BNI group allows only one person per professional speciality to join the group. That means that if BNI is right for you as a marketing strategy, once you have applied and been accepted into a group you have locked out your competition. The best & quickest way to fully understand how BNI works is to visit your nearest group for a trial visit. BNI works on the principle of "Givers Gain"; If I give you business, you will want to give business to me. 

Is BNI Right For My Business Type?

This is a frequent question. Of course there are some categories that are more sought after than others such as financial advisor, accountant, electrician etc. The truth is that BNI is not right for every individual person and it has been shown to work for an almost limitless type of businesses. The best way to establish if it could work for you is to arrange a trial visit to the nearest group to you with your category available.

Can Anyone Visit a BNI Group?

You can visit any group that has your BNI category available. You can see the current membership by clicking on the relevant group on the map above and selecting "view members". If in doubt, please submit your details on the form above and a member of the BNI team will give you a call to discuss. Alternatively please feel free to call the Director Consultant of your chosen group using their contact details published on the site for each group (click on the map above). 

What Happens at a BNI Meeting?

At the start of each meeting there is a period of informal open networking where you get to meet the members in a relaxed environment. After this, the formal meeting is then run by the groups president. You will get the opportunity to present to the whole group about your business, usually for 45s - this is optional. At the end of the meeting you will get the opportunity to ask questions in a dedicated Q&A session.

What Support Does BNI Offer?

One of the key differences between BNI and other business networking organisations is the huge level of support offered. BNI members enjoy:

  • A mentoring programme for new members to help explain the basics and get engaged as quickly as possible
  • Thousands of different focussed recorded support workshops on the interactive BNI Business Builder portal
  • Regular, live support workshops run by professional BNI trainers on key topics such as 1-1 skills, presentation skills, networking skills, visitor inviting skills and Member Success Programme (getting started overview)
  • All of the above are free and included as part of your membership
  • BNI membership pack with more networking tools

I want to join! How can I do this?

You can join by visiting your nearest available group. Every group has a team of dedicated visitor hosts who have been professionally trained to answer all of your questions. They will be able to guide you through the application process

Is There a Waiting List? I can't Get in Anywhere!

Yes, absolutely. The direct route to adding your details to the waiting list in your area is to enter your details on the form above - the automatically feeds your details into our waiting list system. You will always received a courtesy call to acknowledge your request. We will then call you as soon as there is an opening at a group that could be a good fit for you. 

Your Questions Answered

If you have further questions about growing your business in Surrey using BNI, please enter your details on the form above or please do feel free to give me a call direct anytime: 07782 361568 and 01483 802950

Very much look forward to making your acquaintance at a BNI meeting soon!

Yours in BNI,

Jonathan Hamilton

Executive Director Surrey