BNI Haslemere

If you are looking for Business Networking in Surrey that really works, then visit BNI Haslemere.


Now, of course, you might be wondering why networking with BNI would be so advantageous to you.


Well, Haslemere has great transport links, shared office space and fibre broadband communication, which all aids business networking, which is important for the growth and success of your own business in the Haslemere area.


Not only will belonging to a business club widen your circle of contacts, but it will also keep you in touch with what is happening locally.


Networking allows you access to opportunities you might not be able to find on your own.


BNI has a prominent role as a leading group within business networking, due to BNI being the most successful business networking organisation in the UK and around the world. The philosophy of BNI is “Givers Gain” - if you help others to win business, they will want to help you to win business in return.


It’s simple and it works!


Haslemere BNI will help its members to aid one another to increase their own businesses through an organised, positive and professional ‘referral-based’ group that enables them to grow long-term, meaningful relationships with fellow outstanding business people.


Therefore, BNI Haslemere would be a positive way to make new friends and business contacts with a similar outlook to you, who want to grow their business and, at the same time, help others to grow theirs.


Haslemere BNI will devotedly help the many different sizes and kinds of businesses that prosper in the area. Members are very significant when a potential customer is looking for your product or service. An important thing to know is that you are not just gaining exposure to the members in the chapter; you are building connections with their networks as well.


This means that if someone they know has a need that matches your business and you have an excellent reputation, you will receive a referral.


Why not come to a BNI Haslemere meeting and let us show you how very rewarding future networking can be for you?


You can visit Haslemere BNI to get a personal view of what we can do for your business today and long into your future.


Open from 6.45am for a 7.00am start, running until 8:30am – and then you can take part in further networking.


We have open categories available for individuals who will bring enthusiasm and reliability to our meetings; and only one person per business category is allowed into this new group.


You can visit a meeting with no obligation. Then if you choose to apply and are accepted by Haslemere BNI, you will immediately lock out your competitors from this thriving business community. 


So, why not let BNI Haslemere be part of your brighter future success?

To find out if your business category is available at Haslemere BNI, please contact Jonathan Hamilton on 07782 361568 or [email protected]