Business Networking in Surrey: BNI Emerald in Coulsdon

If you are looking for skilled Business Networking in Surrey, then visit BNI Emerald, Coulsdon. Our Chapter has passed over £##tyfcb## of business in the past 12 months to its members! 

Visiting Emerald BNI is a great way to make new friends and business contacts with a similar outlook to you, who want to grow their business and at the same time help others to grow theirs. 

The BNI Emerald Members help each other increase their business through a structured, positive and professional ‘referral-based’ group that enables them to grow long-term, meaningful relationships with fellow quality business people.

Coulsdon, home of BNI Emerald, had one of the first cricket clubs in the world, founded in 1762. It was one of the strongest teams in the country in the late 18th and early 19th century and once boasted eight England internationals, as well as a young Stuart Surridge; the club was possibly the first to use three stumps and two bails.

The Coulsdon area has had a number of famous people over the years: Gordon Pine, Alan Curtis, Ray Mears, Michael Dapaah, Chloe Ayling, William Palmer, Mark Thurston, Alfred Perry, David Peakall, Alfred Comyn Lyall, Peter Gould and Peter Brunt.

BNI Emerald passionately helps the many different sizes and kinds of businesses that work and grow in our area; creating a vibrant and successful business community. Emerald BNI knows that it is very significant that when a prospective customer is looking for your product or service, nothing carries more weight than a recommendation from someone they know well.

For some time Emerald BNI has had a significant role as a leading group within business in Coulsdon, due to BNI being the most successful business networking organisation in the UK and around the world. The philosophy of BNI is “Givers Gain” - if you help others to win business, they will want to help you to win business in return. It’s simple and it works!


Why not come to a BNI Emerald (Coulsdon) meeting and let us show you how very rewarding networking can be for you…

You can visit BNI Emerald in Coulsdon to get a first-hand view of what we can do for your business today and long into your future.

Open from 10.30am for a 11am network, running until midday – when afterwards you can take part in further networking.

We have open categories available for individuals who will bring enthusiasm and reliability to our meetings; and only one person per business category is allowed into the group.

Search our members here to see if your category is available, then click "Visit Us" to arrange to visit a meeting with no obligation. If you choose to apply and are accepted by the Emerald BNI committee, you will immediately lock out your competitors from our group. The benefits of BNI membership are many, varied and, most importantly, proven to help build every kind of business.

The nearest BNI groups to Emerald (Coulsdon) BNI are: SuttonKingswood and Caterham

If 11am is not a convenient time for you, the nearest group to Emerald (Coulsdon) at a different time is Sutton who meet on a Thursday at 7am.

If Thursdays are not convenient for you, the nearest group to Emerald (Coulsdon) which meet at the same time of day is: Kingswood who meet on a Friday at the same time. 

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