Business Networking in Surrey: BNI Elmbridge

If you are looking for Business Networking in Surrey, then visit BNI Elmbridge. Our Chapter has passed over £##tyfcb## of business in the past year to its members!

Elmbridge BNI is a great place to visit to make new friends and business contacts - people similar to you, who want to grow their business and at the same time help their new friends grow theirs.

BNI Elmbridge Members help each other grow their businesses by using an organised, confident and trained referral group that empowers them to grow meaningful, long-term relationships, with other successful business individuals.

Elmbridge BNI is close to Cobham and is based in Brooklands. Brooklands was a 2.75 mile motor racing circuit and aerodrome opened in 1907. It was the world's first purpose-built 'banked' motor racing circuit, as well as one of Britain's first airfields. It became Britain's largest aircraft manufacturing centre by 1918, producing aircraft such as the Wellington, Viscount and VC-10. The circuit hosted its last race in August 1939 and today part forms the Brooklands Museum, a major aviation and motoring museum.

Our area has had a number of famous residents over the years: John Addison, Antonio Banderas, Aaron Eckhart, Shane Filan, Sir Noel Campbell Macklin, Kenneth McAlpine, Nichola Mcliffe, Sir Thomas Sopwith, Fred Stedman, Louis Cole and Sue Biggs.

Many businesses work together to create a vibrant and flourishing business community. BNI Elmbridge keenly helps the many different kinds of businesses that grow in their area, as it is very significant that when a potential customer is looking for your service, nothing conveys more weight than a recommendation from someone they know very well.

For years Elmbridge BNI has had a major role as a leading business group, due to BNI being the most successful business networking establishment in the UK and the rest of the world. The philosophy of BNI is “Givers Gain” - if you help others to win business, they will want to help you to win business in return; it’s simple and it works!

The best way to find out if Elmbridge BNI is a good fit for you and your business is to have a no obligation taster visit… 

You can visit BNI Elmbridge to get a first-hand view of what we can do for your business today and for years to come.

Open from 6.15 am for a 6.45 am start, network over breakfast, running until 8:30am – after which you can take part in more networking.

We have open categories available for individuals who will bring enthusiasm and consistency to our meetings; and only one person per business category is asked to join our team.

Search our current members here to see if your category is available, then click "Visit Us" to arrange to attend a meeting with no obligation. If you choose to apply and are accepted by the Elmbridge BNI committee, you will immediately lock out your competitors. The benefits of BNI membership are wide-ranging, numerous and, most importantly, proven to help build every sort of business.

The nearest BNI groups to Elmbridge BNI are: Swans (Sunbury), Esher & Surbiton

If 7am is not a convenient time for you, the nearest group to Elmbridge at a different time is Esher who meet on a Wednesday at 9am.

If Fridays are not convenient for you, the nearest group to Elmbridge which meet at the same time of day is: Surbiton who meet on a Wednesday at the same time. 

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